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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Ultrasound Is Tomorrow

This is the post from my family blog.........January 17, 2011 and Post Edit on the 18th.

I want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers :)
 It means a lot to me!
I called the DR today (Monday) and I have an appointment for a ultrasound tomorrow morning.

I have been getting rest, drinking pregnancy tea and raspberry leaf tea.
Saturday I soaked about 1/3 of a pad with very mild cramping.
Sunday I soaked about 2/3 of a pad no cramping.
Today I soaked about 1/3 of a pad and feel pretty good.
No clots on any of the days.

The nurse I talked to today said there can be many causes for the bleeding.
1. placenta privia
2. a twin being lost
3. blight oveumn (pregnancy stopped early on and has not miscarried)
4. trauma to the cervix due to intercourse
5. she also said some people have a period every month of pregnancy (though I find that hard to believe)

The nurse said it sounds as though I have NOT miscarried as of yet.
So please continue to keep me and my baby bean in your prayers.
I will have answers tomorrow and will try to post an update in the afternoon sometime.

Peace and Love,

********POST EDIT********

Well, today is here the morning of my ultrasound........................

One might think today would be exciting and that I would have a "can't wait to find out feeling"
....to see if all is OK.
In my heart of hearts I think I already know the news......things are not good.

How I long for my yesterday back...........

A day of sipping pregnancy tea in my PJ's, watching Property Virgins all day on the Home channel.
Not knowing was starting to feel good.

As I sit here and type, I smell  my Starbucks Winter blend brewing in the cold morning air.
I hear the hum of the furnace working hard to warm the house.
I feel tiny waves of grief lapping at my feet and the tide slowing coming in.
I can only pray that I don't drown in it.

Thank You for your prayers!


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