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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Is This A Miscarriage?

This was the post from my family blog.......I felt so alone. The bleeding started Friday Jan.14 and lasted all weekend. I knew IF it was a miscarriage there was nothing the Doctor would/could do.
I stayed in the comfort of my home, surrounded my my kiddos that were praying for me!
I called my DR on Monday (MLK day) I go an appointment for the next day. Tuesday at 11am.

My blog followers (of my other blog) did not know I was pregnant so I told them
in this post AND asked for prayer and advice! I wanted to know if baby could/would be OK!

OLD POST........ January 15, 2011   {Saturday}

It was in the early am hours of Christmas Morning (12:30am) when I finally got the double lines on the test.

Yes.....a pregnancy test! Baby # 7 was on its way. I almost missed the second line because I tossed the test stripe into the garbage BEFORE it was done. Then for some reason I pulled it back out....and was delighted to see 2 lines.

Yep, it had been 17 months of trying and hoping and praying!

Just to be totally sure I was pregnant I took another test at about 7:30 am Christmas Morning. This test was a digital one that would spell it out for you. PREGNANT! I peed in a cup then dipped the stick and quickly hid it in a drawer. Every few seconds I would peek into the drawer only to see a flashing hourglass. Then finally the word

PREGNANT appeared. I was in shock.....happy shock!

I wanted to save the news for Valentines Day as then I would have been 12 weeks!

But here is were the prayer comes in..........

Yesterday at about 10:30 am I started to have bleeding. Later in the evening I had some mild cramping.

I have barely soaked a pad but have blood and mucus when I wipe.....every time.(sorry to be so graphic)

It has been 24 hours and my bleeding is the same.....it has not increased......but has not stopped.

I think I'm having my first miscarriage?????

My first Dr. visit is scheduled for Jan. 25. its going to be a long week and a half! :(

Has anyone out there had a miscarriage that could give me some advice or leave me a comment (and say if I can publish it or not) Does the bleeding act just like a regular period? When you think you are having a miscarriage should stay home? Could there be a large mass that comes out?

If you leave me a comment let me know if you want me to publish it. Otherwise I will just read it and answer you back in private.

Has anyone had bleeding in the first 3 months

and had a pregnancy continue normally?

Please Keep Me and Little one in your prayers.

{ I know God's will be done.........but please pray! Thanks}


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